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How to create a story




Here's what you'll need to create a post:


  • Headline

  • Date

  • Body content


  • Name

  • Logo

  • Description



  • Thumbnail image

  • Except (to accompany thumbnail image in summaries)

  • A unique tag for the story Let's call this the Story Tag.
    Here are some generic examples:

    • Grantee wins award

    • CHAI spotlight

    • News from Uganda

    • ELMA partners with ALIMA

    • Introducing Syria Drawdown Fund

  • Optional

    • Additional photo(s) for the body of the story

    • URL for video(s) that are hosted on Vimeo or YouTube

    • Any URLs to link to



Identify every grant that you'd like to see displayed alongside your story. There could be just one or many, and they could come from a single organization (e.g. for a spotlight of CHAI) or from several (e.g. for a profile of the APFP).

  1. Tag these grants

    1. Navigate to each individual grant listing.

    2. Open the "EDIT POST" light box and locate its TAG controls.

    3. Click "TAGS +" and type in the "Story Tag" you've decided upon for this story

  2. Update the News & Stories Summary Block on each grant, so your new post will show up on the grant page

    1. Locate the Summary Block underneath "News & Media" on the grantee page. Click EDIT.

    2. Switch to the "Display" tab and scroll down to the "Tag Filter" field.

    3. Add your "Story Tag." If there are already tags, add this new tag to the end, separating multiple tags with commas and no spaces (e.g. "CHAI Spotlight,News from Uganda" — Note that there can be spaces WITHIN the tags, but not between two different tags).

  3. Repeat for all grants that are relevant to your new story post.



1. From the Pages view, go to NEWS & STORIES Blog. Do this in a new window so you can keep these instructions open.


2. Choose either the NEWS/STORY TEMPLATE or the SPOTLIGHT TEMPLATE and click EDIT.


3. In the light box that opens, click DUPLICATE at the bottom to start from a copy of the template.




After you've duplicated the News & Stories Template, you'll be in the "EDIT POST" light box. Follow these steps to complete the post.

Note: If you are editing this post on the page, rather than in the "EDIT POST" light box, click "Settings" at the top right to open the light box.

On the Content Tab of the light box:

  • Add your headline in two locations, as shown to the right. You can add the same headline in both locations, or use shorter and longer versions.

  • Change the date underneath the headline.

  • Add whatever main body content you've prepared in the main section, including text, links, photos, and/or videos. Add new blocks (e.g. images or videos) as necessary. Get creative!

    • Here are some tips/best practices:

      • XYZ

  • On the sidebar, highlight the Summary Block underneath "Related Investments" and click EDIT. Make these changes to the Summary block:

  1. On the "Content" tab, choose the Foundation that is tied to this story. (If there are multiple, choose the main Foundation)

  2. On the "Display" tab, scroll down to the "Tag Filter" and add the "Story Tag" for this story.

  3. Make sure that the "Primary Metadata" dropdown is set to Author, and "Secondary Metadata" is set to Category. This will display the Foundation and Focus Area of the grant.

  4. Click "Apply"

  5. If this story is related to multiple Foundations, complete the above and then follow these additional steps:

    1. XYZ

  • At the bottom-left of the EDIT POST light box, locate the TAGS and CATEGORIES controls.

  1. Click CATEGORIES + and choose the appropriate option:

    • Story Home-News to have this post appear in the sidebar of the main story page.

    • Story Home-Featured to have this post appear as a large banner immediately underneath "Featured Stories"

    • Story Home-Grid to have this story appear in the smaller mosaic of stories

    • Grantee Page Only if you do not want to display this post on the News & Stories homepage

  2. Click TAGS + and type in the following:

    1. All relevant Foundations (complete name—e.g. "The ELMA Growth Foundation")

    2. All relevant regions (use "Africa", "United States", "Rest of World", and/or African region(s)—e.g. "Central Africa")

    3. Your "Story Tag" for this story


On the Options Tab of the light box: 

  • Change the Post URL. Use your "Story Tag" for this too!

  • Set the Author to the Foundation that is most closely aligned with this story

  • If there is an external URL that you'd like to go to when they click the post title (thereby skipping over the main story page), add it in the Source URL field and click the "Post Title should link to Source URL" checkbox.

    • I don't recommend you to this often. You need to populate the story page anyway, so better to keep them on our own site but provide outbound links.

  • Add your excerpt in the Excerpt field.

  • Add your thumbnail image.

You're done! Return to the content tab and change the status from Draft to Published. If necessary, change the published date to match the date you've shown on the post.