ELMA is committed to using evidence to transform policy and practice

Our Measurement and Evaluation practice seeks to assess and improve the social returns on our investments by both informing our own decision-making and influencing the policy and practice of the field — including of grantees, governments, other funders, and key stakeholders.

We invest in different forms of evaluation at different stages of a program. What is most crucial is that evaluations are fit-for-purpose — meaning that the purpose, use, and users of an evaluation inform its design, resourcing, and timing.

We emphasize the judicious use of resources and prioritize the evaluation of investments that are strategically important and/or that have the potential to influence policy, funding, and practice. This in turn requires a strong commitment to using and sharing evidence generated from evaluations, as well as a process that is collaborative and consultative with internal and external stakeholders.


Our approach to measurement & evaluation


Measurement & Evaluation (M&E) at ELMA is guided by a set of principles that aim to enhance the impact of philanthropic investments across the ELMA Group of Foundations.

1. Evaluations should be forward-looking and prioritize decision making and learning

2. We prioritize evaluations for grant investments that are large and/or otherwise strategically important and where evaluation results have the potential to influence policy, funding, and practice

3. Evaluations are fit-for-purpose and right-sized

4. M&E is collaborative and inclusive

5. We are committed to using and sharing M&E results

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