ELMA at Skoll World Forum 2019

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ELMA at Skoll World Forum 2019

April 5, 2019


A partnership between ELMA and the Skoll World Forum Fellowship enables a cohort of 10 ELMA Community Grants Program leaders from eight African countries to participate in the 2019 Skoll World Forum.

This selection of community leaders will strengthen communities with their experience and expertise at the Forum, which brings together a global network of change agents to discuss, collaborate, and celebrate social progress April 9-12, 2019 in Oxford, England.


Africa Directions supports children and youth in high-density communities of Lusaka City and the rural Luapula province in Zambia, areas characterized by a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. The organization uses peer education and participatory Theatre for Change models to highlight issues surrounding sexual reproductive health, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, legal support, life skills training, and recreation activities. In partnership with local government authorities and health care facilities, Africa Directions informs policies and supports service delivery efforts. With a current reach of 25,000 beneficiaries accessing various services in 2018, they have contributed to increased awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment amongst children and youth.

Mark Chilongu, Executive Director - mchilongu@gmail.com / Learn More

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Associacao Para o Desenvolvimento Comunitario Kuwangisana (Kuwangisana) is one of two organizations operating in the remote and underserved Caia and Chemba rural districts of Sofa la Province in Mozambique. With a current reach of over 10,000 beneficiaries, they provide health, education, and early childhood development services as well as nutritional and livelihood support. The communities that Kuwangisana serve have been devastated by Cyclone ldai, and the organization has been forced to temporarily shift their programming to disaster relief. This includes converting their school buildings and offices into shelters and relief operational centers.

Manuel Miandica, Director - miandica@workmail.com / Learn More


Bless a Child Foundation was established in 2007 to address inadequate access to medical care and support for pediatric cancer patients in Uganda, which has one of the highest incidences of pediatric cancers and blood disorders in the world. Bless a Child is one of the few organizations in Uganda that provides treatment, and palliative and psycho-social care to young cancer patients and their caregivers. To date, they have supported over 2,000 children.

Brian Walusimbi, Founder & CEO - brian@bcfug.com / Learn More


Chiedza Child Care Centre works in the high-density and peri-urban areas of Harare South and the rural Zvimba district in Zimbabwe. Their services - which include non-formal education for children out of school, health and nutrition support, inclusive early childhood education, direct educational assistance, child protection services, and economic strengthening for young persons and caregivers - are delivered through a center-based outreach approach. Over the past three years, Chiedza has reached over 80,000 beneficiaries.

Spiwe Chakawa, Director - director@chiedza.org / Learn More

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Little Rock Inclusive ECD (Little Rock) was established in 2003 to address the lack of education opportunities for orphans, children with special needs, and those affected by HIV in the slums of Kibera, Kenya. To date, the organization has reached over 1,300 beneficiaries with inclusive early childhood development services, therapeutic care, educational and nutritional support, daily meals, daycare services, and economic strengthening for families. Little Rock plays a vital role in their community by providing resources and services to vulnerable children and families in an area where support is limited.

Lilly Oya re, Executive Director - lilly@littlerockkenya.org / Learn More


Kliptown Youth Program (KYP) was formed in 2007 to break the cycle of poverty in Kliptown, Soweto in South Africa, a community that has high rates of HIV/AIDS, unemployment, substance abuse, and food insecurity. KYP is one of the few organizations in the area providing a holistic range of services that focus

on education, nutrition, extra-curricular activities, mentorship for children, and work readiness training for unemployed graduates. KYP currently supports over 500 children and youth.

Thulani Madondo, Co-Founder & Executive Director

tmadondo@kliptownyouthprogram.org.za / Learn More


Mukisa Foundation (Mukisa) has supported over 4,680 children with various forms of disabilities from Kampala and three rural districts in Uganda since inception in 2006. Their services include therapeutic care, provision and the maintenance of mobility, posture, and support devices, medical and nutritional support, educational services, family empowerment programs, and advocacy and awareness campaigns. Mukisa is quickly becoming a "disability hub" for holistic care and services for children with disabilities and their families.

Florence Namaganda, Founder & Executive Director - foundmukisa@yahoo.com / Learn More


Siphilile Maternal and Child Health (Siphilile) improves child and maternal health in the peri-urban districts of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) by implementing low-cost collaborative and community-based initiatives. Using an evidence-based Mentor Mother model, Siphilile works for trained women from the community who provide home-based health and nutrition services to children and pregnant women. They also implement an early childhood development package of services that reaches 149 daycare centers where children receive nutritional screening, early stimulation, and immunization support. Siphilile currently serves 9,265 beneficiaries in five districts.

Nokuthula Maseko, Executive Director - nokuthulamaseko09@gmail.com / Learn More


Touching Tiny Lives (TTL) is the only organization in the rural area of Mokhotlong, Lesotho that supports children affected by severe malnutrition and HIV/AIDS. Since 2004, TTL has directly supported more than 1,200 children under the age of five with services that include nutritional rehabilitation, health assessments, immunization support, and vitamin supplementation. With an increased emphasis on prevention, TTL is expanding their scope to improve the nutritional status of families.

Nthabeleng Lephoto, Managing Director - nlephoto@touchingtinylives.org / Learn More


Wells of Hope Ministries supports children with parents in prison, a vulnerable population that is often overlooked. Their programs reduce the vulnerability of 158 children across Uganda by providing medical care, primary school education, secondary school tuition, nutritional support, counseling, after-school activities, and life skills development. Wells of Hope facilitates prison visits to strengthen relationships between the children and their parents. The organization's activities are drawing the attention of government to address the specific needs of this target group.

Ellen Ssubi, Executive Director - ellen@wellsofhope.org / Learn More