Spotlight: Camfed





ELMA has been investing in Camfed—providing both project specific and general unrestricted funding support—since 2008.

Camfed has become one of the most prominent international non-profit organizations tackling poverty and inequality by investing in girls and women. By providing young women with the education and skills necessary to transform their communities, they are empowered to become leaders of change. 

Working closely with community members and government agencies, Camfed helps to educate the neediest girls who would otherwise not have access to an education. In addition to paying school fees and providing other essential support, Camfed trains teacher mentors, provides school equipment, and establishes parent support groups.

When the first group of women who graduated secondary school with Camfed’s support found themselves without post-graduate guidance, they decided to create an alumni association called CAMA. CAMA women are now able to access the resources and support required to become self-sufficient, obtain employment, and pursue additional education while developing leadership skills and serving as role models and mentors in the community.

As a direct outcome of Camfed’s core education programs, CAMA represents an unstoppable new generation of leaders and activists and embodies Camfed’s fundamental belief that girls’ education is the entry point for widespread systemic change.