Focus Area: 


We succeed when children and adolescents with HIV are identified, treated early, and maintained on treatment. Our Investments in this Focus Area are concentrated in South Africa, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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We invest in organizations implementing these approaches:

  • Institutionalize testing approaches to identify children and adolescents living with HIV as soon as possible

  • Foster systems that ensure children and adolescents with HIV start treatment as soon as possible

  • Develop models of comprehensive care that keep children and adolescents on treatment and virologically suppressed

  • Ensure children's needs are appropriately addressed in the HIV response

We measure these outcomes to assess our impact:

  • More mother-infant pairs, children, andadolescents are tested for HIV

  • More infants, children, and adolescents start treatment

  • More children and adolescents stay virologically suppressed on treatment

  • More infants, children, and adolescents are retained on treatment


Unfinished Business is a coordinated effort to find HIV-positive children and adolescents living in Uganda and South Africa and ensure that they are linked to quality support services and life-long treatment.


Current Investments