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Focus Area: 
Private Sector Solutions


We succeed when grantees and investees demonstrate how the private sector can expand coverage of quality health and education. Our Investments in this Focus Area are concentrated in Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, and special opportunities in Western Africa.

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We invest in organizations—both for-profit and non-profit—implementing these approaches:

  • Grow and strengthen private companies focused on improving access to and quality of health and education

  • Support private-sector delivery of models and tools that demonstrate improved access or quality in education and health

  • Strengthen capacity of governments to engage with the private sector for the benefit of children’s health and education

  • Develop and implement effective public-private partnerships for education and health

We measure these outcomes to assess our impact:

  • Greater understanding and uptake of private-sector solutions to access, equity, and quality

  • Growth, financial sustainability, and social impact of companies and funds in which we invest


ELMA makes impact investments in companies that are providing healthcare and education products and services to children across Africa


Current Investments