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Focus Area: 
Early Childhood Development


We succeed when more children receive quality early childhood care and education, and when governments and funders prioritize effective ECD programming. Our Investments in this Focus Area are concentrated in Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia.

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We invest in organizations implementing these approaches:

  • Equip caregivers with the information, skills, and tools to provide nurturing care and foundational literacy and math skills

  • Influence the scale-up of effective integrated ECD services

  • Improve government capacity to deliver, measure, and improve early development and learning services

We measure these outcomes to assess our impact:

  • More children attend organized early childhood programs

  • More children acquire the foundational skills needed to succeed in school

  • More caregivers practice nurturing care at home

  • More children are on track in physical development

  • Higher-quality early childhood and early primary programs

  • Fewer children drop out or repeat the first three years of primary school


Scaling ECD in South Africa aims to strengthen the early childhood development eco-system to enable universal ECD access


Strengthening ECD in Uganda aims to expand access to ECD services, improve their quality, and grow the government’s capacity to deliver, measure, and improve them.


Current Investments