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MYDA: The Music & Youth Development Alliance

With support from The ELMA Music Foundation, the Music and Youth Development Alliance (MYDA) was launched in 2013 as a nation-wide coalition of community-based organizations across the United States that use music as a youth development tool.

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MYDA complements The ELMA Music Foundation’s investment strategy by serving as a community of practice that provides an opportunity to share ideas and information among best-in-class leaders and programs.

Each MYDA organization provides robust, youth-centered music programming that links to and leverages comprehensive services to support healthy youth development.

These services range from healthcare - both mental and physical - to job training, school readiness, and legal aid. Music is often the hook that inspires young people to join these organizations and is an accessible gateway to additional resources.

MYDA is shining a spotlight on programs that use music to change the trajectory of young lives, to positively affect cognitive development, emotional management skills, self-image, relationship building, and perseverance. The ELMA Music Foundation will continue to actively support the growth of MYDA to ensure that more young people have the support they need as they transition into adulthood.


Current Investments

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Music is often the hook that inspires young people to join these organizations
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