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Focus Area: 
Build the Workforce Supporting Children


We succeed when our priority countries increase the quality and quantity of their workforce for children. Our investments in this focus area are concentrated in Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia.

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We invest in organizations implementing these approaches:

  • Build the capacity of key training institutions to deliver competency and practice-based education and increase production of health, education, and early childhood development (ECD) workforce

  • Improve the impact of the existing workforce through competency-based mentoring and performance management

  • Ensure the community workforce is appropriately trained, supported, and remunerated

  • Ensure governments effectively finance, plan, deploy, and retain the workforce

We measure these outcomes to assess our impact:

  • More practitioners complete training with appropriate skills

  • Institutions and faculty transition to competency and practice-based teaching and evaluation

  • Improved clinical or classroom/program practice

  • Graduates are retained in the national health, education, and ECD workforce


Seeded by ELMA, The African Paediatric Fellowship Programme is now the leading training program dedicated to building the pediatric workforce in Africa


Current Investments